It’s not about finding who I am but who I want to be.

Recently, I saw a TikTok video of an Asian woman getting her 23andMe results. In a mere 15 seconds, she opens the envelope, looks at it and shows the audience what it says. The results are that she is Chinese and of Southeast Asian descent. The video ends with her…

Anything I accomplished, my sister had already done it…

There are three of us: my eldest sister, my middle sister and me. The relationship I have with my eldest sister is like a snow globe; it stays dormant for most of the year but gets shaken up during the holidays.

My childhood memories of her are patchy, most of…

Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP

Sum (心, ♡) on Sleeve | Author. Speaker. Wife. Mom of 2 | Embrace Culture. Love Yourself. Improve Relationships |

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