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Around mid-November, I read an article about how a writer was able to make $4K a month writing on Medium. I was astonished. I had been writing for most of my life and barely made a fraction of that in months.

Of course, the article was well-written, straight to the point and its takeaways slapped me in the face like bugs on a windshield during a road trip across the prairies; I wasn’t writing enough, not even close to what the writer was talking about. …

They’re never impressed, constantly disappointed in others and sets unattainable expectations.⁣

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Nothing is good enough

I am guilty of being overly critical. It’s an unfortunate behaviour of recovering perfectionists.

I’ve been that toxic asshole who was constantly ragging on others, pointing out their weaknesses and offering “solutions” to non-existent problems.

I was always comparing…apples to oranges to bananas to kiwis.

I looked for flaws before beauty.⁣ I looked for what went wrong before what went right.⁣ I’d complain and complain and complain about how horrible people were. There wasn’t any good left in the world and there was never enough for everyone. Scarcity dominated my paradigm. …

I couldn’t swallow my pride.

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Fighting at a crosswalk

It’s a warm and sunny day so we decide to go for a walk as a family. My husband pushes my son in his stroller while my daughter and I walk together ahead.

As we reach an intersection, my husband starts doing his crazy traffic calculations to minimize wait time and maximize efficiency. He shouts at me from behind to press the walk button.

I don’t want to touch the button with my hands so I use my foot (you know, with the pandemic and everything). I lift my leg up and carefully press the button with my shoe.


And I haven’t left my 9–5…yet

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After debunking some serious misconceptions about freelance writing, I started my journey with zero expectations. I don’t regret it for a second as the last 2 months have flown by.

I am doing this as a side gig in addition to my 9–5. Those additional hours have proved to be more rewarding and more meaningful than the 8 that I spend in the office, zoning out in meetings, writing arduous emails, doing small talk with coworkers and eating my lunch at my desk.

I have a firm plan to leave my job so I can pursue this full-time. I’m excited…

4. Staying put makes me face who I am and my problems

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First of all, I enjoy travelling

From Japan, Egypt, Mexico to Italy, I’ve stepped foot in more countries than I can count on my fingers. Each of these trips created memories that are ingrained in my mind and retrieved whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

Experiencing new cultures and immersing myself in the day-to-day life of people who grew up in a different environment than me is one of my favourite ways to learn and grow. Travelling helps boost my creativity, practice empathy and broadens my horizons.

And when I return home, finishing the adventure allows me to truly appreciate where I live and practice gratitude for the…

2 months and over $3525.71 later...

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It’s been two months since I started my freelance side gig, and I’ve made over $3500 from multiple sources of income. I still cannot believe I’m doing this because not that long ago, I didn’t want to be a freelance writer.

When I first started blogging in 2017, I had no idea where it would lead me. I was a new mom working her 9–5 and trying to find some balance at home. Writing became my source of reason and means of therapy.

Jump forward 3 years later, I’m at home on my second maternity leave, changing my son’s poopy…

Trying to find the one sucks. There is no sugar coating it.

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Let’s get brutally honest! Here are 3 tips that helped me stay sane during that intense, roller-coaster dating phase of my life.

1. Don’t abuse technology (and don’t let it abuse you)

We’ve all heard this about online dating. You know, how it’s basically converted humans into swipe robots.

Two people go on a first date. They have a good connection. They enjoy each others’ company. They share some laughs and are somewhat attracted to one another.

However, the moment the date ends, they march back into the swipe factory.

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right…

The good connection they just experienced pales in comparison to the enticing and easily accessible…

I knew my maternity leave was going to end.

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All throughout my 11 months of maternity leave, I only counted forward; I didn’t count down the days I had before going back to work. Instead of thinking I only had x number of months left, I focused on now having an x month old.

I wasn’t nervous or scared or anxious about going back because I knew I had done my best to instill trust in her. Even though she couldn’t speak real words to me, our bond was sealed and I was confident she knew I was coming back.

I felt indifferent until the morning of my first…

I started with $5K as an experiment to make $100.

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This article is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. I’m only sharing what worked for me and my opinions. I highly recommended you seek professional advice from someone who is authorized to provide investment advice.

I thought I needed someone to manage my money

Growing up, my immigrant parents worked hard. They saved every penny they could, paid their bills on time, and diligently chipped away at their mortgage. They gave the bit of money they saved to their bank’s financial advisor and trusted them to do what they needed to do in order to have…

It’s kinda self-absorbed.

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Six degrees of separation

When I first started blogging, I had no idea who was going to read my stuff. It was a space for me to express myself, put feelings into words, and make sense of what was going on for me as a mom.

4 years later, I’ve had distant family members, anonymous strangers, friends of friends, folks I used to go to school with, and old coworkers reach out to me, praising me for what I’ve written. It’s amazing how the power of the Internet and my affinity for words can connect folks across the world from all walks of life.

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