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Around mid-November, I read an article about how a writer was able to make $4K a month writing on Medium. I was astonished. I had been writing for most of my life and barely made a fraction of that in months.

Of course, the article was well-written, straight to the point and its takeaways slapped me in the face like bugs on a windshield during a road trip across the prairies; I wasn’t writing enough, not even close to what the writer was talking about. …

His 40 plus years as a public sector employee.

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Talking to my dad hasn’t been easy.

For a long time, I didn’t know what to talk to him about because it seemed like we couldn’t talk about anything. However, I wanted to have a better relationship with him because if I know him better, I can know myself better. The more self-aware I am, the better person I can be to everyone in my sphere of influence.

Years ago, the government agency that I work for went through a massive restructuring. The entire senior leadership team disbanded and it left the workforce in a state of disarray.

I was successfully managing a province-wide project at the…

He can be misogynistic. I’m a feminist.

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How do I deal with him when we barely understand one another?

Oh, Asian Parents. I am one and I have them.

Can we all agree that parents can be annoying?

Different generations, different upbringings, different cultures, different languages…it’s like they don’t get it.

Can this change?


As a Millennial of Asian, immigrant parents, I deserve to have open and honest conversations with them.

I deserve to be supported in pursuit of my hopes and dreams.

I deserve to have my opinions validated.

I deserve to be treated as a peer during difficult conversations, not shut down because “I’m too young to understand.”

I deserve to have the courage to be…

A few authentic connections are all you need

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One of the toughest and daunting parts of being a freelance writer is finding work. As an introvert with a touch of social awkwardness, asking people to hire me isn’t exactly my forte.

However, I’m 3 months into my freelance writing journey, and so far, getting clients hasn’t been too much of a headache. Here’s how I landed my first clients without getting too far outside my comfort zone.

Found the right network to make meaningful connections

When I first created my blog in 2017, it was just a hobby. I had no idea what I was doing, so I joined Facebook groups that supported bloggers.

At first…

I finally got around to watching it…

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So recently, my husband and I were able to get away and have a date night.

Oh just one of those things couples should do every now and then especially when they’re busy AF as parents).

The hype around Crazy Rich Asians got to me. As mentioned before, I’m not one of those people who fall prey to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). But I had to support my Asian brothers and sisters to contribute to its success.

They (as in the media and the rest of the world) compare the bigness (is that even a word? …

I value getting paid for my work, not for the time I spend at work

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I decided earlier this year to start freelancing so that I could leave my 9–5 and focus my time doing what I love. So in the last two months, I’ve been side hustling like there’s no tomorrow.

As I continue this adventure, I’ve realized why freelance writing aligns more with who I am, my values, beliefs, lifestyle and priorities than being an employee. Here’s why.

I really get to work my own hours

Okay… I get it when companies say you can work your own hours. …

He reacted just as helpless as my dad…

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Tigertail is a 2020 American drama film written and directed by Alan Yang

Here are my two cents about the film.

What were your initial thoughts of the film and first reaction(s) to the trailer?

I was intrigued to see how the filmmakers will capture a story shared by so many Asians across the globe. The scene where the little boy is running in the rice paddies caught my attention. Then when it jumped forward in time, showing the boy grown up, dancing with a lady, I knew the film would take me on a journey.

What attempt does writer/director Alan Yang get “right” in this film that other filmmakers haven’t been able to do for mainstream audiences before?

It has to be the lunch scene with Pin-Jui and his daughter, Angela. He finishes eating and throws the napkin on his plate, waiting for her to finish.

That hit home…

Getting married and having kids changes things

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So how does a woman’s life change when she goes from single and dating to married with kids?

It’s the ultimate self-reflection exercise since online dating profiles tell you exactly how a person is in real life right?

I’m kidding.

So why am I writing about dating?

Unlike my parents, I wanted to capture my thoughts about dating for my kids.

Whenever I ask my mom about her dating history, she would either say she doesn’t remember or something vague like,

“It’s different nowadays. Back then, we just hung out as big groups of boys and girls.”

According to my dad, she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever dated and he’s been in love with her since day 1.

He’s a lot more open…

The feeling after a short and sweet trip to the bathroom…

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I’ve struggled to love myself for most of my life

It started when I was a kid. Whether it was the comments my mom made about my weight (or her weight), the beauty ads of skinny women in bikinis frolicking on the beach, how there was always someone I knew who was on a diet or a combination of everything…I have always struggled to love myself as is.

My body type isn’t the stereotypically thin Asian frame. I have hips and breasts. I have a muscular build and I don’t have a thigh gap. These were always things that I hated about myself.

Because of that self-hate, I did anything…

Remind me why I put my feet in torture chambers again?

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I turned 35 this year and as I reflect on all those years of adulthood, I realized how much money I frivolously spent on things I didn’t care about. Maybe if I didn’t spend that, I would be a millionaire by now?

You know, if I had taken every penny I earned from my part-time job in high school and invested it into Google in 2004 (the year I turned 18 and when it IPO’ed), I would be laughing right now.

However, it doesn’t mean I regret spending that money because my 20’s were a time of discovery and experimentation…

Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP

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